Hey, Sailor! What’s that you’re using on your nails?

Oh, the two new nail lacquers from MAC’s Hey, Sailor! collection? Ya don’t say… Well, in that case, decrease anchor for a spell, as well as tell me what you can about these nautical treats.


Hmm… They’re expensive, you say? Wow, $17? That does noise like a lot, even if the packaging is adorable as well as restricted edition.

But what about the private shades? តើ​អ្នក​គិត​អ្វី? Are they worth it?

I only requirement one or two coats of this bright, creamy yellowish red for full-coverage color, as well as it dries in a good amount of time. state 30 minutes.

I dig exactly how well it matches the red lip products likewise released with this collection, however I feel like I’ve seen similar colors for much less…
ការតុបតែងមុខក៏ដូចជាការវាយតំលៃប្លក់ដ៏ទាក់ទាញ: ខ

Touch of Red

I keep in mind when there were far fewer choices for nail polish colors back in the day. Pink, red as well as peach were the most prominent shades, as well as if I wished to paint my nails with a creamy white like Vestral, I would have reached for a bottle of White-Out!

Gross, I know.

Vestral White’s high gloss, bright white color as well as good dry time (like Touch of Red, it takes about 30 minutes) scores major points with me, however the thick formula applies unevenly as well as leaves streaks. For opaque color, I have to apply from three to four layers.

Considering the cost ($17)…I can’t abide the streaks.
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: C

Vestral White

Both Vestral White as well as Touch of Red are offered now at MAC counters, stores as well as maccosmetics.com.


How do you feel about MAC’s nail products in general? Do you believe they’re on the best track?



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